2020-03-16, 15:59

För att förhindra spridning av det nya coronaviruset är ALLA besök till patienter på sjukhuset förbjudna.

Endast närstående med särskilt tillstånd får besöka sjukhuset. För att få tillstånd kontakta den avdelning där patienten vårdas genom vår växel 08-5870 10 00.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have gathered the most frequently asked questions we get by e-mail.

Choose your your question among the categorys below. If you can not find answer to your question, please contact us directly. See bottom category named Other questions.

For information in Swedish, click here.


Booking, cancellation, rebooking


How do I book / cancel / rebook an appointment with you?

Cancellations, booking and rebooking is managed directly by your clinics reception.

For questions concerning your specific treatment, your disease or health condition, we can not give you answer by e-mail.

Please contact your clinics reception with your questions by phone. You can go through the switchboard: 08-58 70 10 00


Contact with doctor, prescription, medical certificate


Do you need a prescription or medical certificate, then you should contact the doctor or the reception you visited.

You can also contact us through the switchboard if you are unsure of whom to turn to. Phone our switchboard: 08-58 70 10 00


Request of medical record


We do not send any medical records by e-mail nor do we accept requests about medical records by e-mail.

Read more here.

For any enquiries regarding your request contact us on 08-5870 1268.


Find your relative


Call our switchboard and tell the related persons name and birth date or Social Security number.

Then we can give you information about the patient in our care, provided that the patient has accepted to give us that information.Telephone switchboard: 08-58 70 10 00

Capio St Göran's Hospital does perform psychiatric care. Psychiatric care in the hospital grounds is run by Stockholm County Council. We refer you to their website for contact information.


Jobs, internships and visits


I want to work at Capio St Göran's Hospital, how do I do apply?

Our vacancies can be found  here.

You can also send an application of interest to: jobb@capiostgoran.se

I am looking for an internship at Capio St Göran's hospital, how do I do?

Our internships are highly sought after. More information about the practice and details can be found here.

Do you accept visits?

We receive a large number of requests for visits and can not receive them all. You should primarily turn to the clinics that you wish to visit.

For more information about our clinics, wards and contact details in Swedish can be found here.


Invoice and Billing Questions


What does my health care visit cost?
Patient fees at Capio St Göran's Hospital is the fees set by the Stockholm County Council.

See information about patient fees here.


I have a question regarding an invoice, the health free-card or other fees

Get in touch with us at the Department for Medical Fees and Invoices. Our telephone hours are Monday-Thursday, 9-10 am, +468 58 70 2027. You can also contact us by email patientavgifter@capiostgoran.se


I have received an invoice from Visma Financial Solutions

All our patient invoices are sent out and handled by Visma Financial Solutions. If you have questions regarding payment options, contact Visma directly  by telephone +46 771 23 24 00 or by email Faktura.collectors@visma.se


I have received an invoice in Swedish

If you have received an Invoice in Swedish that you are unable to read you can always contact the Department for Medical fees or Visma Financial Solutions and we will help you translate it to English.

I have received an invoice even though I paid on location

Send us a copy of your receipt and we will get back to you us as soon as we can patientavgifter@capiostgoran.se


I have paid too much/paid for something I shouldn’t have had to pay for

Specify your concern and email it to us, we will get back to you as soon as we can.


I have received an invoice even though I have the Free-card

Fees for non-attendance and fees for patients who have received care as inpatients are not included in the Free-card. You can see the current status of your health free card by logging in to www.1177.se using your mobile bank-id. If you have chosen to pay by invoice the fee will register immediately in the Free-card, you will later on receive the invoice to your home address. If you have a Free-Card in another regional council you will have to send us that free-card before we can remove any fees.


I have visited Psychiatric Care or the Clinic for Addiction

Please contact their Department for medical fees and Invoices telephone +468 123 40 033 Monday-Friday 9-11 am and Thursday 1-3 pm.


I have a question regarding a supplier’s invoice

Please contact our Finance department ekonomi@capiostgoran.se

Our address for supplier’s invoices:

Capio S:t Görans Sjukhus AB

PG 1179

737 84 Fagersta

Always include cost center and reference


I have questions regarding Insurance cases and/or patients from other countries

Specify your concern and email it to us. Please note that Capio S:t Görans Hospital makes no agreements with Insurance companies, we issue the invoice to the patient.


Your comments on healthcare


We welcome your feedback, both praise and criticism. In order to get better, we want to know what you as a patient or relative to a patient like our health care.

There are different ways to express your views. All information and contact details you need is found here.



Advice about your health


Please not that questions concerning your particular diseases or your health, can not be answered through e-mail.

If you need advice about your health, please contact 1177 Vårdguiden.



Private care for foreign citizens


Can I pay privately for care here?
Capio St Göran's Hospital is a private hospital, but we do not accept private patients. All treatment provided here is financed by the Stockholm County Council.

If you are looking for information about planned care in Stockholm, we refer to an organization for care coordination called Stockholm Care.

They take care of inquiries about the care of people living abroad. Visit their website for more information.


Contact our employees


We do not disclose the e-mail address of our employees.

You can reach our employees through the switchboard; 08-58 70 10 00, or send the person a letter.

Our adress:

Capio S:t Görans Sjukhus
(The persons name)
112 81 Stockholm


Other Caregivers in the hospital area


In the hospital area there are a number of businesses that do not belong Capio St Göran's Hospital. Below you will find links to them:

Norra Stockholms Psykiatri

Cevita Care inom gynekologi


Övriga vårdgivare på sjukhusområdet


Other questions


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