2020-03-16, 15:59

För att förhindra spridning av det nya coronaviruset är ALLA besök till patienter på sjukhuset förbjudna.

Endast närstående med särskilt tillstånd får besöka sjukhuset. För att få tillstånd kontakta den avdelning där patienten vårdas genom vår växel 08-5870 10 00.

Process Orientation

Improved patient flow is one of our hospitals main strategies.

At Capio S:t Göran Hospital we aim to improve the problem areas of medical care:

  • Too much waiting time for patients
  • Narrow vision instead of an overall picture
  • Low patient safety
  • Low patient focus
  • Inefficiency

Long waiting times result in several problems

…waiting leads to patient suffering

…medical safety is deteriorated

…recourses are not used efficiently when “everyone is waiting for everyone”

Why do long waiting times occur?

  • There is no overall picture. The medical care is not planned as a complete process.
  • Medical care is not planned from the view point of the patient, but with the organisation as a starting point. At each stop there is a little waiting for the patient and in the end this results in much waiting.

Capio S:t Göran Hospital will be Sweden’s first Process Orientated A&E Hospital

  • Process Orientation is an approach that has to be shared by everyone at the hospital

Process Orientation means that:

  • Our organisation is governed by the patient processes
  • We have an overall vision focusing on what benefits the patient and continuously improve the processes

Process orientation aims to improve our procedures according to the six quality areas

  • Care based on knowledge and expedience – health and medical care is based on evidence and is organized to meet the needs of each patient.
  • Safe care – to actively prevent injuries. Creating safer medical care through standardized processes and care programs.
  • Care with the patient in focus – respect and sensitivity to the specific needs, wishes and values of each patient.
  • Efficient care – avoiding unnecessary work and unnecessary patient visits. Co-operation between different operators. Improved patient flow generates less stress, a better environment for the patient and staff.
  • Care within reasonable time – having high accessibility and minimizing patient’s waiting time.
  • Equal care – offering equal care to all patients.

We use Process Management

Process Management is a way to systematically develop and improve our patient processes.

  • an infrastructure compatible with a process orientated organisation is needed
  • an overall perspective is needed
  • it generates a learning cross disciplinary environment
  • continuous interactivity between the hospital board and the care processes is needed
  • means that we continuously work with improvement projects
  • long term work that demands decisiveness and endurance

Process Management in steps:

  1. Process audit – mapping
  2. Strategic planning – prioritising
  3. Improvement projects – testing and implementing solutions

The organisation behind Process Management

  • Process Owner. Responsible for designing and developing a useful and efficient process from an overall perspective. Surveys and evaluates the process. Head of the process team. Reports to Management Team.
  • Process Team. Cross functional and cross professional project group. Maps the process, proposes goals and suggestions for improvement. Develops, tests and implements solutions. Is headed by the Process Owner. 
  • Management Team. Responsible for strategic planning of the process, decides on priorities in the improvement areas. Concerned heads are part of Management Team.  

Examples of Process Management, step by step

    1. The Process Team surveys the process in question. The “swamp areas” of the process are defined.
    2. The Management Team prioritises the most important Swamp Area.
    3. The Process Team suggests goals and measurements, which are fixed by the Management Team.
    4. The Process Team suggests projects for improvement in accordance with the goals, and these are fixed by the Management Team.
    5. The Process Team develops a problem analysis and suggests solutions, performs practical tests, assesses and makes proper changes if needed, and finally implements them.

Our vision: To be the best hospital in Stockholm.

"We drive the development of healthcare by uniting medical and business know-how. We develop the cooperation between private and public health care and add new solutions that strengthen the position of the individual in the healthcare system".