2020-03-16, 15:59

För att förhindra spridning av det nya coronaviruset är ALLA besök till patienter på sjukhuset förbjudna.

Endast närstående med särskilt tillstånd får besöka sjukhuset. För att få tillstånd kontakta den avdelning där patienten vårdas genom vår växel 08-5870 10 00.

Request of medical record

If you need a copy of your medical records from Capio S:t Görans Sjukhus we require a written request. The records will then be sent by mail to the address where you are nationally registered and that is connected to your date of birth (personnummer) Some details in the request are compulsory, such as name, date of birth and address, if poosible details about clinic and period of your stay in the hospital. If you lack a Swedish personal number please notice that you probably received a reserve-number at your visit. Reserve-number always starts with the current year and then 6 digitals ex:2013-******

We do not send any medical records by e-mail nor do we accept requests about medical records by e-mail.

For any enquiries regarding your request contact us on 08-5870 1268.

Policy in English
A written request is always necessary in order for Journalarkivet to hand out medical records. The request can be send by mail or fax . The request form will be filed together with the medical records. A note will be made in the records regarding what records have been requested and to whom. The medical records will be sent by mail to the person who placed the order.