2020-03-16, 15:59

För att förhindra spridning av det nya coronaviruset är ALLA besök till patienter på sjukhuset förbjudna.

Endast närstående med särskilt tillstånd får besöka sjukhuset. För att få tillstånd kontakta den avdelning där patienten vårdas genom vår växel 08-5870 10 00.


Quality is not a state that can be achieved once and for all. Constant improvement and development is necessary to maintain good quality care. An important part of our work for quality improvement is to present results from quality assessments openly. An example of this is our annual quality assessment, this year published for the 13th time. You can find it here. 

The Organisation of Our Quality Work
Our work for quality improvement at Capio S:t Göran Hospital is not run centrally but by the staff working directly with patients and medical care. Quality improvement is thus a joint responsibility between staff in leading positions at the clinics. Supporting them in this work are Process Owners and Process Managers working on an overall level with a specific patient process i.e. acute orthopaedics.  

Each clinic at our hospital has its own Quality Group. Complementing these are a Quality Network with representatives from all professional categories, and different Specialist’s Groups with different foci on specific problem areas. 
Our Head Doctor’s Group also supports the ongoing quality improvement with coordination, counselling and improvement of methods and tools. This work is both preventive and assessing including cause and risk analysis and taking part in quality directories.

Quality improvement focusing on different areas
To facilitate and make efficient our quality improving endeavours we focus on five areas – evidence based and expedient care, patient orientated care, safe care, efficient care and human resources.

Evidence based care means that the medical care we offer is based on knowledge and scientific results and is adapted after each patient’s specific needs. We are part of several different quality directories giving us the possibility to compare our own results with those of other hospitals and thus find the best possible treatment for our patients. 

Patient orientated care means that we offer medical care with respect and sensitivity towards each patient’s specific needs, wishes and values. This approach affects all aspects of care giving – waiting times, accessibility, reception and much more. Our work is assessed in different ways and the results are analysed and used to further improve our ways of working. 
Safe care means that injuries and unwanted consequences are avoided by preventive work. We perform regular cause and risk analyses and results from these are implemented at our clinics. 

Efficient care means that health care is offered in cooperation with other health care institutions so that all society’s resources are used in the most efficient way possible. This work is about survaying processes and patient flows. The patient’s way through the system should be facilitated on each step.