2020-03-16, 15:59

För att förhindra spridning av det nya coronaviruset är ALLA besök till patienter på sjukhuset förbjudna.

Endast närstående med särskilt tillstånd får besöka sjukhuset. För att få tillstånd kontakta den avdelning där patienten vårdas genom vår växel 08-5870 10 00.


This is Capio S:t Görans Hospital.

Capio S:t Görans is an emergency hospital for adult patients, situated at Kungsholmen in Stockholm. Capio S:t Görans is one of the most centrally placed hospitals in Stockholm, and one of the country's largest counting the number of received patients. During the year of 2018 we had over 100 000 visits at our ECU.

Capio S:t Göran is large enough to offer a broad spectrum of 31 medical specialities, but at the same time just small enough for all employees to be able to influence decisionmaking.

In one way Capio S:t Göran's differs completely from other hospitals in Sweden, since 1994 being the first and so far only privately owned emergency hospital in the country. Since the year 2000 we are part of Capio, one of Europe's leading health care companies. Read more about Capio here.

Since November 2018, Ramsay Générale de Santé (Ramsay GdS) is the owner of Capio and the new, combined Group is a leading provider of healthcare services in Europe, offering a broad range of high quality medical, surgical and psychiatric healthcare services across six countries. The two groups have a common view on quality and innovation of healthcare and will combine its expertise to continue developing healthcare with the patients’ best at mind. For more information about Ramsay Générale de Santé, please refer to www.ramsaygds.fr